Teodor Siminic  -brooch- Zmei -  zmeu 1 silver925lycra porcelainvipla  12 x 75 x 3 cmTEODOR SIMINIC - "Winner, AUTOR 2018"
Romania, 1990

Brooch - Silver, lycra, porcelain, vipla.

My work references Romanian mythology in the context of today. Romanian folklore is full of stories with different creatures that are similar to dragons. According to these stories, these beings steal golden apples from trees that grow only on the King's lands, so heroes emerge and venture on a journey to kill them and bring their heads to the King. I find these legends fascinating because they tell you so much about humanity and about the way humans interact with events they do not understand. There may be a deeper reason for why this happens, but it might also be easier to simply jump to conclusions.

LodieKardouss Curiosity9LODIE KARDOUSS - "Winner, Athens Jewellery Week, Award 2018"
Belgium, 1983

Object - Polystyrene, tissue paper, hardening paste, flax yarn, baking soda.

Jewellery and dance share common properties: the perception of the body, the organisation of time and space and the articulation of craftsmanship. Through dance and jewellery, I question the essence of what we understand as jewellery and how it communicates.



Lapatsch Unger Forgotten Collection VaseANJA LAPATSCH - "Winner, Talente "Objects" Award 2018"
Germany, 1985

Vase - Shellac, bamboo charcoal composite.

The Forgotten Collection is not only about an object's design; rather, it is designed to make you think deeply about the modern modalities of materiality, time, value, production and reproduction, to create a new ontological imagination. The collection is therefore an archaeological record of radical alchemistic discovery, reinterpreting material narrations sunken to oblivion—lost beneath the impeccable surface of mass production.



Lucy Ganley.show your solidarity. paper airplane.25x20cmJPGLUCY GANLEY - "Winner, Talente "Jewellery" Award 2018"
United Kingdom, 1988

Brooch - Paper bag, cotton thread, steel wire, silver, masking tape.

Lucy's collection draws inspiration from the prisoners' diaries she read after visiting Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary. Continuing her research, she wanted to hear the direct voices of inmates confined in UK prisons today, so writing to them gave the project an insight into their daily lives. The brooches address the issue of prisoner mistreatment and Lucy hand-stitched inmates' words and drawings onto brooches made from brown paper bags. The resulting pieces pass comment on Behaviour Modification, a treatment —in part a punishment— widely used in US prisons. The materials' fragility embodies the unequal struggle of a prisoner against the prison system. In the wearing of these brooches, you show your solidarity.



elena moreno-SD-009-SIN DIGERIR-Bones silica goldELENA MORENO - "Winner, Enjoia't Student Award 2017"
Spain, 1984

Brooch - Bones, silica, gold.

"Sin digerir" is a collection that merges my two professions—restoration and jewellery—as I am faced with both criteria and rules. I break down those walls, creating pieces by experimenting with the material as a point of connection. The pieces are designed to give new life to organic waste material: bones from "owl pellets". I use them to create nest-inspired structures, which are the starting point for these birds and where their life cycle generates the raw material used to create the jewellery.
With these pieces, I close several circles—the trophic chain, life and use—through their discussion of reusing and recycling, life and death. The pieces question the value of the material and seek a reaction, which, at first sight, is both desire and repulsion, after their origin is revealed.



Agustina Ros  -Rounds-OLD REFLECTION RINGS- 65cm X 35cm X 35cm- glass and silver

AGUSTINA ROS - "Winner, Enjoia't Professional Award 2017"
Argentina, 1991

Ring - Glass, silver

These pieces are the result of a long-term investigation into the effects of time on an object. My purpose is to create minimal forms with a modern technique by blowing and modelling glass. Then I achieve contrast by adding the mirroring process and ageing the silver by oxidising it. The end result is a family of rings with futuristic aesthetics, that reflect the passing of time as they themselves age.