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Wanshu Li  Go with the Glow  Brooch I2016silver acrylic sequinsseed beads fluorescent plastic tubenylon wire 90x50x48mm photo by Wanshu LiWANSHU LI - "JOYA AWARD WINNER 2017"
China, 1990.

Brooch - Acrylic, sterling silver, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire.

My jewellery series 'Go with the Glow' is largely inspired by the brilliant colours and sensuous movements of sea creatures, such as jellyfish and sea anemones. The concept of my work aims to explore a multi-sensory wearing experience in jewellery, which involves different sensory perceptions such as visual enjoyment, tactility and sound. My fascination with dance culture, laser light shows and stage performances has encouraged me to add a further visual dimension to my work. I experiment with ultraviolet-reactive nylon and fluorescent paint, which combine to produce a remarkable intensity of colour when the jewellery is lit with UV light. The fluorescent effect of the jewels provides pleasurable visual enjoyment for both wearers and viewers.