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Alice Yujing YanAlice Yujing Yan
China, 1988

My work is inspired by modern architecture and minimalism in particular. I form each shape out of flat sheets of copper and fabricate them together. This allows me to explore forms that are both representative of the architectural elements I love and my innermost emotional feelings.The use of colour is prevalent in my work due to its symbolic meaning and emotive qualities. I mainly use powder coating and enamelling techniques to apply colours to the piece, giving a very different look in terms of texture. I create jewellery that is very personal and emotional, and I believe there must be connections between the artist and the viewer through the art produced.

Brooch – Converse.Copper, brass, powder coating, enamel.




Amira JaletAmira Jalet
Costa Rica, 1972

"Inferno" rises from the ashes...defends the bowels of force, the rebirth of the almost lost, as the last roar of a material that is not only ruin, but whichis adorned with the transformation of what it has almost completely consumed from within...only to re-emerge as a masterpiece, detonating its magnificent and admirable attributes to become immortal.

Brooch - Oak charcoal from northern Costa Rica, oil paint. Miscellaneous in wood and bronze.




Ana Nadjar

Ana Elisabeth Nadjar
Chile, 1966

Everything is done within the context of the Second Chance, of using and giving a discovered object another meaning. Objects are used for purposes other than their real function and thinking. Its colour, texture, its unique characteristics allow me to attach it to something else and give life to something new. Mutations are like jewels, everything changes and, in their difference, their meaning changes too.
Riding, cooking them, screwing, barrelling objects.

Ring - Lemon, mother of pearl, aluminium, wire, copper, plastic, cotton.

Andrea VelazquezAndrea Velázquez Calleja
Spain, 1978

My current obsession is with tubes. I am amazed by the fact that something living can come out of them. I explore their depth and darkness to finally find my way out.

Brooch - Copper, silver, gold and steel.



Anna KrolAnna Król
Poland, 1983

I have no clearly defined motto of creativity. I feel this gives me freedom in the creation process. I follow my impulses spontaneously, observe what is happening around me and sometimes I feel like inspiration and ideas are looking for me - I just need to read them and introduce them into my work.

Ring - Silver.



Anne Sophie ValleAnne-Sophie Vallée
Canada, 1983

My work explores the notion of play as an aesthetic concept. The pieces of jewellery I create invite the wearer to participate in the form and function of the work through a spontaneous response to the tactile character of the piece. As play has the potential to communicate an experience in a sensitive way, I make jewellery that sets out a context for connection at the non-rational level, placing an emphasis on imagination and the freedom to escape the ordinary things of everyday life.

Brooch - Steel, powder coat.


Artemis ValsamakiArtemis Valsamaki
Greece, 1978

My inspiration deals with ideas, myths, concerns and dreams that are either connected to the real or an imaginary world. Each piece narrates its own story, with the intention of communicating state of mind and feeling at the time of creation.

Brooch - Sleep like an angel.Copper,silver, acrylic paint.



Christine JalioChristine Ritva Jalio
Finland, 1978

In the new "Loss" collection I have been concentrating on personal loss, sadness and loneliness; on what happens after you lose someone you love. I have delved even deeper into an individual's emotional turmoil and tried hard to capture these feelings in my work. The pieces have a sense of comfort and safety to them and look very heavy, but are actually very light. Like a person who carries great sadness within, I wanted my pieces to bevery quiet and to scream very loudly at the same time.

Brooch - Silk clay, silver.






Daniella SarayaDaniella Saraya
Israel, 1988

Exposure to change adds patterns and habits to a human being's life, but reductions and exposures create an empty void within its deeper layers.
The technique relies on creating layers of materials and then peeling them off, just like the soul. That is the intention of the project's name: re-cover. The only way to recover is to complete and understand changes, and redefine a new Complete every time, with all its faults.

Necklace - Silver, plastic, marble.



Devon ThomDevon Anne Thom
Canada, 1985

Geometry serves as a constant source of inspiration for my practice. This ongoing body of work is influenced by the geometry of crystalline structures. I appreciate how seemingly random and disorganised rough gem material appears to be, but on a microscopic level crystals are built from repeating molecules that arrange into perfect geometric configurations. With this series I challenge myself to present form in an abstract way, juxtaposing outwardly complex rough gemstones against simple geometric compositions.

Necklace - Sterling silver, quartz, stainless steel, acrylic, hand-fabricated.



Elin FlognmanElin Flognman
Sweden, 1974

My work is inspired by the everyday and the ordinary. I strive to find the point of intersection between the familiar and the extraordinary, like when you say your name over and over again, it starts to sound strange. I listen to everyday objects until they reveal their magic. Jewellery allows me to materialise the dichotomy and make everyday matter.

Necklace - Potato Eaters II.Copper, brass, gold, spoon, textile.




Georgia GremoutiGeorgia Gremouti
Greece, 1965

In "Corpus Colonies" silk pieces of fabric are folded, twisted and refolded. The flat material is uncut, manipulated to create three-dimensional surfaces, exploring the material's possibilities and techniques. I am fascinated by the microcosm of our bodies and the way cells multiply, expand, grow and repeat. This is a familiar and unknown territory, humans' relationships with their own bodies. My forms share many qualities with the live organisms and structures they mimic but they are developing, maturing and set free by this process of transformation.

Brooch - Silk, silver, steel.



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