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India, 1985

Necklace - Concrete, thread, brass.

Coming from a strong interior design background, where I worked for 7 years, gives me a lot of scope to experiment with architectural materials, textures, colours, bold geometric shapes and clean lines and convert them into bold statement pieces for redefining perceptions of jewellery. All the jewellery is handcrafted in a material—concrete—that is uncommon in the field. I chose to play with concrete two years ago; my first work in this direction was making lifestyle products. My ever-growing love for concrete and abusing
its fluid nature got me into creating jewellery.



Alex Kinsley VeyALEX KINSLEY VEY - "Gold für Eisen"
Canada, 1990

Ring - Steel, spray paint, yellow gold, natural oxides.

I am inspired by industrial landscapes— especially that of Hamilton, Ontario where I grew up—and the architecture, machinery and detritus left behind when these symbols of industry are scaled back or abandoned. Once monuments to the golden age of industry, many of these sites are redeveloped and then vanish.







Amarette Gregor Teal Gradient Brooch Andiamo 3x3x1 inches brass stainless steel upcycled sewing threadAMARETTE GREGOR - "Andiamo"
United States, 1988

Brooch - Brass, stainless steel, upcycled sewing thread.

This work explores materiality using textiles and metal. Inspired by my grandmother's thread collection, it embraces tension and balance with contrasting materials. The finished pieces are a visual conversation full of passion for material and colour.



ana calbucci-Pesure ring-in natura-35cm-silveroxidized.pigmentANA CALBUCCI - "In_natura"
Brazil, 1963

Ring - Oxidized silver, pigment.

The collection is inspired by forms that refer to natural findings, which include the fetish regarding old amulets. By exploring the magical and mythical sense of the ornaments, the pieces acquire a symbolic expression, as if they were contemporary archaeological treasures. The "precious" aura of the pieces is reinforced by the use of gold leaf and pigment in silver.



ana viñuela sueños objetos vidrio oro38x 15 x 10cm 18x20x6cmANA VIÑUELA - "Sueños"
Spain, 1964

Object - Glass, gold.

The collection is inspired by the dreams of gods, shamans and humans, dreams that you remember or that slip away when you wake, lonely. Dreams or nightmares, light or ethereal, so real and vivid that you want to see and touch them so you don't forget them.





Antria Prasinou  - Here and Now -  RinascitaANTRIA PRASINOU - "Here and now"
Greece, 1981

Brooch - Copper, silver, rice paper, ink, pigments.

"Here and Now" I hear nothing but my voice... Rebirthing... I step forward to create my Present... Listening... Do I have limits?... What came before? By embracing the transcendental and after using metaphors in previous collections to recognise true identity, in this collection we journey together to discover the different levels of revelation and allow for a story of transition to unfold. I use conceptual forms and elements, which attribute simplicity and inner stillness like a new mandala re-imprints the essence.




cedric chevalley fuckyeah Upsk8 70mm-80mm-wood-steel-rubberCÉDRIC CHEVALLEY - "Fuckyeah!"
Switzerland, 1972

Brooch - Wood, steel, rubber.

"Hey, hey... over and above all of my concepts, my main goal in working with Upcycling is that things can be broken, dirty, no longer available for use, but we can still create something new with them. We can take the best features and bring them to the forefront, for a new life as a piece of Art. As is the nature of life as human beings, we can fail, at a loss, broken. But we just have to decide that tomorrow is a whiteboard, a fresh page. We can start anew, bright and shining. We don't have to replay yesterday tomorrow."






Charlize NhungNguyen 6 Concrete As Wearable Industrial Residue 70x60x15mm Concrete and BrassCHARLIZE NHUNG - "The industrial residue"
Vietnam, 1982

Brooch - Concrete, brass.

The Industrial Residue collection is my material exploration series that focuses on the industrialised quality and pushing the concept of wearable material. In this series, I reinterpret the negative stigma regarding concrete and mortar often received from society. These materials persistently associate with negative connotations such as ugly, dumb or stupid in linguistic expression, and even death (Adrian Forty). In the context of jewellery, they lose their industrial purpose and in its place bear the question of material value.



Chiara Scarpitti -  Extinct flowers ellipse brooches -  Anthropocene Collection - black rhodium silver pure silk black steel plexiglass - 6x4.5x1.5cmCHIARA SCARPITTI - "Anthropocene"
Italy, 1983

Brooch - Black rhodium silver, pure silk, black steel, plexiglass.

Every piece is the final result of a complex process of thinking, design and production. The aim is to reflect, from an anthropological point of view, on the sense of materials, techniques and shapes. In each piece there is a mixing of techniques, beyond goldsmith, and they include sartorial techniques, digital prints, photo etching on steel and laser cutting. A complex design project finalised to investigate a new kind of jewellery as a point of intersection between craftsmanship and industry, humanity and technology.



Christine Jalio Masculinity Solipsism 16cmx8cm Silk Claymixed mediaSilverCHRISTINE JALIO - "Solipsism"
Finland, 1978

Brooch - Silk Clay, mixed media, silver.

"Solipsism". I find the subjectivity of visual reality intriguing. I have studied how to educate my mind to see and think differently, objectively, and I have intentionally tried to change my perception by exposing myself to another controversial reality or truth.







Cleopatra Cosulet The World Inside Duo RingCLEOPATRA COSULET - "The world inside"
Romania, 1973

Ring - Resin, sterling silver, water, pigment.

"The World Inside". In a fast changing world, methods of communication are diversified to meet the requirements of the present. If man's belonging to the whole is an implicit one, the way he chooses to express himself defines him in his relationship with the world, highlighting his unique character. In this context, his personal creed can take physical form and build the desired connecting bridge with others. An entire inner, dynamic, heterogeneous universe with emotions, feelings, sensations and perceptions of a different nature and intensity is revealed here to the visitor with sincerity and transparency, inviting them to partake in reflection and interaction.




Deema MuradDEEMA MURAD - "Equanimity"
Jordan, 1984

Helmet - Iron nails.

A calm mental state, especially after a shock or disappointment or a difficult situation. Over the past two years, I have been working on developing the use of fasteners such as nails, staples and screws to transform them into chains and the surfaces of wearable ornaments. Chains date back to the 4th century BC as effective defence mechanisms in wars. In my work, they symbolise protection and they also demonstrate power.