The five designers proposed for the Assamblage collective exhibition at Joya 2016 are Ludmila Buga, Monica Stanescu, Diana Vasile, Gabriela Secarea and Madalina Stoica. They are a diverse group (starting from their educational background to the techniques, materials and means of approaching the concept of contemporary jewellery), but we find a similarity in the way their designs interact with the human body. Either by the conceptual part, or the ergonomics of the design and the innovation in wearing, they propose new ways of regarding the report between jewellery and the body, not as mere accessories, but as freestanding art objects.

  • Diana Vasile
  • Gabriela Secarea
  • Ludmila Buga
  • Madalina Stoica 1
  • Monica Stanescu


AGC, an organization formed in Trieste in 2004, is active internationally with the aim of promoting and giving value to jewellery as a form of art. The internet site, with news, information and comments, represents a first platform of information, that goes alongside the organization of exhibitions (such as the Cominelli Awards), workshops, conferences and debates, for an updated dialogue on themes specific to this sector. The association is open to anyone with an interest in the development of contemporary jewellery.

  • Caterina Zanca 2
  • steiner claudia 4
  • Corrado De Meo
  • Antonello Francesca 1
  • heidemann nicola 3
  • Maria Rosa Franzin Bracciale CERCHI Opera 3


ANIMA VIENNA is a group of seven independent art jewellers, whose work reflects their diversity. The individual members are unique in terms of their art and concepts. They share a common belief in artistic cooperation, exchange and endeavour, as well as a firm commitment to craftsmanship. The group focuses on lending a new dimension to conceiving and creating meticulously crafted jewellery. Major factors in the members' work are the individual otherness of their designs and the communicability of their different approaches. Equally important are freedom of expression, exchange of ideas and mutual respect.

  • Puls Orbit
  • Wagner Tangram2
  • Machacek Melas
  • Lillie Black and white swivel earrings titanium mounting
  • Golub Beetle
  • Petr Dvorak
  • Blin ring Angel

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