logo asymétrique"ICKX Contemporary Jewelry" is a new gallery in Brussels that offers a very exclusive selection of contemporary jewellery. The pieces are chosen for their unique design and made in limited series, ranging from sober to minimalist,and sometimes made from unexpected materials and techniques."ICKX Contemporary Jewelry" is an intermediary between customers and creators. It aims to establisha relationship based on trust and promote talents. All in all, it is an interesting opportunity for some and a springboard for others.


  • anneGOY1
  • CcecileBERTRAND
  • diederickVANHOVELL-romina
  • isabelleCARPENTIER2
  • LouSAUTREAU Extension Bracelet
  • Nevin ARIGhidden beauty



Ergo Galería is an initiative devised by Art Historian and Jeweller Pamela de la Fuente and Visual Artist and Cultural Critic Alejandra Wolff, which emerged through the academic experiences provided on the Contemporary Jewellery courses and tutorials taught at the Pamela de la Fuente Jewellery School since 2009. Ergo Galería has managed contemporary jewellery initiatives, connecting artists with important exhibition spaces, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Centro Cultural Las Condes, Parque Cultural Valparaíso and other national galleries. We are currently in a period of consolidation, aiming to implement a permanent space for production, management, criticism and dissemination, bringing together the knowledge we have acquired over the years.

  • Altagraciavillafierro2
  • Carla Perez de Arce1
  • Claudia Ziller2
  • Cladia Astete2
  • Constanza Moncada1
  • Consuelo Naranjo
  • Daniela Lara1
  • Elizabeth Burmann1
  • Liliana Ojeda1
  • Massiel  Muñoz1
  • Melanie Hernandez1
  • Pamela Mijon1
  • Rocio Guerrero2


alliagesEvery jewel is a work of art and our body is the socle. ALLIAGES is an organisation that aims to enhance andpromote Contemporary Art Jewellery. Artists, often creative and talented, face considerable challenges in terms ofshowingtheir work. ALLIAGES has the goal of promoting the career and artistic world of its artists, showing their works to the public at various events and exhibitions.


  • Aisegul Telli
  • Alix Manon
  • Angela Bubash
  • Erato Kouloubi
  • Eva Tesarik
  • Heng Lee
  • Izabella Petrut
  • Lyndsay Rice
  • Malene Kastalje
  • Teresa Faris
  • Yafit Ben Meshulam

alchimia logo emailAlchimia gallery is an initiative that supports the work and creativity of the students studying at its school. Every year, students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds gather at Alchimia to share their passion and dreams of bringing their personal and unique point of view to the jewellery world. This selection of pieces is also a reflection of Alchimia's spirit and identity.

  • dariaolejniczak earrings003
  • Diana Pantea shoulder piece2016 iron wire potato peel thread
  • Eleonora Natali
  • ginevra montoschi
  • lina gorbach
  • Lisiane Nectoux HIlario
  • margaretmunchheimerbracelet
  • Roberta Consalvo Sances-spille resina bianco nero
  • Vanessa Karla Joya 2016 73x59x44 Wood  Sterling Silver Untitled
  • weng ian lai
  • zack zhang



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