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Gioielli in Fermento Student Category Award

Parchment (dried animal skin) is captivating due to its unpredictability, resistance and lightness.
The pieces from the "Rustle" series consist of multiple same-shaped and hand-dyed round pieces, which become a small nest of soft and subtle sounds. Touching and wearing them reminds us how fragile yet strong and adaptable nature can be, adjusting to the shape of the body and tuning in to its surroundings.

China Academy of Art, China.

The China Academy of Art was founded by the renowned educator Mr Cai Yuanpei in 1928, promoting fine arts education to replace religion in the then war-torn China. The Academy encourages diversity in thinking, art exploration and research. It takes "diversity in harmony" as its motto and fosters a context for innovation. Foreign students can take short- or long-term courses in Chinese art, language and culture at the Institute of International Education.


  • Duan Yanliae
  • Hu Yuyunef
  • Huang Xie
  • Jin Pengfeie
  • Li Xiaofang
  • Peng Lilinga
  • Qi Miaoa
  • Wu Yiqia
  • Zheng Shuhui

Art Academy of Latvia, Latvia.

The Department of Metal Design, specialising in jewellery art and design was founded in 1961. Our aim is to provide students with general knowledge of the humanities; develop their abilities in the visual arts; and enhance their self-expression abilities in the jewellery and goldsmith arts and design. We also strive to provide them with the knowledge and skills for specialist work and creative thinking. We aim to prepare artists and designers who excel at creating different jewellery collections, from unique artworks to mass production, from fashion jewellery to conceptual jewellery. Upon graduation, the young designers are able to work independently in all stages, from concept to end product.


  • Ieva Korne
  • Ilze Egle
  • Rasma Puspure to Please 4
  • Una Mikuda Natural blonde LMA 3

Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Netherlands.

The Rietveld Academy Jewellery Department's programme looks at the potential and scope of jewellery as a medium, with the goal of innovation and further development. It includes various means of approaching the profession and diverse working methods. Emphasis is placed on the student's individual research, which is geared towards the development of a personal approach to his or her subject matter. Students learn to give their themes shape and form and this requires experimentation and an open and methodical way of working.


  • Marion Blume
  • Niki Ulfstedt
  • Sae Honda

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